PRO Marketing team has proven itself to be a genuine savvy provider of project marketing services in Melbourne. Here’s an invitation to materialize your visions and profit from your ideas with our PRO Marketing Team. With specialisation in luxury boutique projects, we will find the most suitable, cost efficient, and effective way to promote your project marketing concepts, targeting both overseas and local investors.


Our project marketing tasks are in the hands of the distinguished professionals in the given field of expertise. Our PRO marketing team of professionals are able to see through a project from start to finish, providing comprehensive and expert advice to ensure everything is encompassed. In order to deliver top marketing results, we closely partner and cooperate with leading intelligent of the industries, from award winning architects, interior designers to specialty engineers, creative agents.


PRO Marketing delivers only genuine and memorable marketing campaigns for its clients. We encourage you to engage us in the project marketing from the very early stage. This facilitates the gaining of a comprehensive strategy for the project and its market positioning, unlocking the project's potentials, as well as maximising the value. Every property in Melbourne has its unique story, and we have enough experience and skill to understand and share.


We rely on our impressive database, which includes tens of thousands of the finest potential buyers. With the PRO Estate Group there's so much to choose, and nothing to lose.


Our communication is open and honest. Our work is fully transparent. When we say that we play in the same team, this is more than just a nice phrase to encourage our clients with. For the PRO Estate Group reliable, accurate, and precise information is an absolute much while cooperating with its clients.


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Current Projects

  • Armadale Chronicle

    Set in one of the city's most sought after locations, known for both culture and couture, this development offers a life of sheer urban sophistication. It is created for the most refined homes to s...

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  • Doncaster Hank

    The word ‘hank’ is of Scandinavian origin. It’s found in the North Germanic language of Old Norese, which dates back to the Viking Age. In the textile industry, a hank is a unit of yarn or twine...

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Upcoming Projects

  • Brighton Halifax Street

    Within walking distance to Brighton beach, this development proposal consists of a series of generous, bayside residences ranging from 70m² to 180m².  Luxurious and peaceful living is at the hear...

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Past Success

  • Hawthorn 80 Lynch

    80 Lynch connects you to the best of Hawthorn. Here at 80 Lynch, you are within easy of the Melbourne CBD and still enjoy being tucked away in a secluded, luxury apartment. Life at 80 Lynch Street ...

  • South Melbourne Gravity

    Occupying a commanding position, this signature 29 storey tower presents a singular, iridescent form, whose striking facade geometries emphasis the building's glittering textural presence. Tiers of an...

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