PRO Estate Group represents the next generation and level of quality, when it comes to property management in Melbourne. We strongly believe that’s quite possible of achieving great results in this field with simple and efficient premises. One of them leads us to value and treat each and any investment as if it’s one of our own. As a result of this genuine and trustworthy approach, our clients keep rewarding us with new tasks and property management requests on a daily basis.

Our property management system is based on our previous rich experience and proven methods of work. These elements provides with a competitive advantage that allows us to lease properties very efficiently and quickly. In addition, we’ve established a strong, reliable, and extremely effective rent collection state-of-the-art solution, which allows us to constantly develop and grow in the field of property management in Melbourne. On the other side, for properties included as a part of our property management services, without any exaggeration we can say that we’re talking about the Melbourne’s finest, in terms of both quality and price.

PRO Estate Group strongly relies on the latest technologies and software solutions, which give our clients the real-time updates and instantaneous feedbacks. Our work is fully transparent and our approach is unreservedly honest, while we’re handling your property management tasks. At any given moment our clients can get an unlimited access to the complete history of all incomes, expenses, statements, changes, reports, phones, and other relevant details associated with our property management activities.

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Our property managers bring a strong passionate note in their work, which is appreciated and valued by our clients. Each investment has a great income potential. However, only with an unreserved commitment and a clear vision, you can ensure fruitful results. Property management demands an eclectic approach, which includes a necessity to ensure synergy of invaluable elements, such as dedicated staff, reliable system, and prompt customer service. If you want to be a successful property manager in Melbourne, then you have to exercise proactive working and communication attitude. No matter how attractive your property may be, it’s not going to generate income by itself. Our team will make sure that your investment reaches its full potential beyond your most optimistic expectations and hopes.

PRO Estate Property Management Services come with the following list of benefits for our clients:

√ Efficient and experienced city network of skilled and dedicated contributors

√ Real-time feedbacks, transparent reports, and thoughtful care about your investment

√ Regular inspections and reliable reviews, including personalized notes about all important events and changes

√ Full discretion, respectful and professional treatment of all parties involved

√ Efficient and timely handling of all invoicing, maintenance, payment, and other necessary tasks on your behalf and in a complete accordance with your instructions and expectations

√ Execution of the property management services according to the top standards and requirements in this field

√ Prompt communication and trustworthy customer support

Your property can be your fruitful tree,

You just need to find a skillful gardener.

PRO Estate Group Melbourne,

Bringing you golden real-estate-rent apples.